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Opposing Military Intervention in Iran

VFP Resolution Passed at 2010 Convention
(Submitted by Gene Marx -Chapter 111)

Whereas, President Obama and members of his Administration have alleged that Iran poses an imminent threat to the United States, U.S. troops in the Middle East, and U.S. allies, and

Whereas, these allegations are similar to the lead-up to the Iraq War and U.S. Occupation, with the selective use of information and unsubstantiated accusations about Iran’s nuclear program and its supply of weapons to Iraqi forces as centerpieces of a case to the American people for aggression against Iran, and

Whereas, the U.S. House of Representatives are currently considering resolution H.R. 1553 green-lighting an attack on the Iranian people by supporting Israel to use all means necessary to “eliminate nuclear threats” posed by Iran, and

Whereas, Iran has not threatened to attack the United States, and no compelling evidence has been presented to document that Iran poses a real and imminent threat to the security and safety of the U.S. that would justify an unprovoked unilateral pre-emptive military attack, and

Whereas, top US military leaders have warned of the many dangers of military strikes against Iran, and

Whereas, we cannot ignore the history of U.S. government misinformation used to inspire U.S. aggression in Vietnam and again in Iraq, as embodied in the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution and more recently in what we know now as false claims of weapons of mass destruction, and

Whereas, Iranian activists have urged that even raising the specter of war undercuts the opposition in Iran, and

Whereas, a pre-emptive U.S. military attack on Iran would violate international law and our commitments under the U.N. Charter and further isolate the U.S. from the rest of the world, and

Whereas, an attack on Iran is likely to inflame hatred for the U.S. in the Middle East and elsewhere, inspire terrorism, and lessen the security of Americans, and

Whereas, the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and occupations have already cost the lives of more 5,600 American service men and women, and countless civilians, and

Whereas, the Iraq and Afghanistan War and occupation has cost U.S. taxpayers more than $1 trillion, depriving our cities of much-needed funds for services and infrastructure.

Therefore Be It Resolved Veterans For Peace hereby supports diplomatic engagement with Iran on nuclear issues; in pursuit of good faith negotiations toward peaceful resolutions as outlined for signatories of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and the United Nations Charter.

Be It Further Resolved that VFP opposes any U.S. or Israeli attack on Iran, and urges the Obama administration to continue to pursue vigorous diplomatic engagement with that nation.

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