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VFP Chapter 57, Vermont — Conferene Call With Rep. Peter Welch

Last Friday, we had a conference call with our 1st District Representative, Mr. Peter Welch — we only have one — during which we laid out our concerns about the escalating crisis with Iran and the potential for a war by miscalculation, mistake or accident. In addition we also called on him to block any war making action by the House of Representatives.

Mr. Welch’s response were pretty much a “rope-a-dope,” if you are familiar with that term. He basically said that alone he could do nothing while at the same time reminding us of how he voted against the Patriot Act., both of which are true actions. Regarding the F-35 basing, he agrees that he has a problem with the huge amount of money spent on the military and reminded us that he had voted against the 2013 Defense Authorization Act.

In another of our state VFP campaigns, only one small town paper has printed our open letter to our Congressional delegation. To get their attention, I will be proposing that we do a sit-in action at our senator’s offices.

I hope that everyone is following the stories in the press particularly Mr. Netanyahu’s continued calls for a strike against Iran and Iran’s responses. There is more and more press coming out about the massive international naval build up for the counter-mining exercise. As near as I can tell, the opening commander’s conference is today with the ships beginning to move into position this Wednesday and the actual exercise scheduled to start on Monday, 24 September.

If anyone needs documentation, please let me know. It could be the biggest collection of naval firepower since WW II.

Andy Schoerke
Veterans For Peace
Chapter 75

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