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Americans Don’t Want Another Iraq, Afghanistan, or Vietnam!

Attacking Iran would be a triple disaster

Moral disaster – Attacking Iran would:

  • Kill thousands (perhaps hundreds of thousands) of Iranians, many of whom will be children;
  • Produce widespread hunger, disease, and permanent disabilities among Iran’s civilians;
  • Devastate a country that, inspectors say, is not now building nuclear weapons;
  • Continue a dangerous policy of preemptive attack on countries which have supposedly considered acts that they have not carried out yet; 
  • Punish the people of a resource-rich, strategically located country for having a government that does not do Washington’s bidding or allow U.S. corporations to control and amass super-profits off of their oil; 
  • Possibly lead to the use of nuclear weapons by either Israel or the United States;
  • Severely damage the fragile fabric of international law (an unprovoked attack is illegal).

Economic disaster – Attacking Iran would:

  • Send the price of gas through the roof;
  • Destabilize the American economy which is barely recovering from a severe recession;
  • Provide an excuse to divert resources from critical needs such as education, healthcare, rebuilding infrastructure and development of non-destructive sources of energy;
  • Destroy the Iranian economy for years (possibly decades) to come;
  • Devastate other poor countries by increasing energy costs and destabilizing their frail economies;

Political disaster – Attacking Iran would:

  • Threaten the pro-democracy movement specifically of women and the Iranian 99%.
  • Provide another example of the hypocrisy of Washington which ignores both the nuclear weapons development of its friends and its own failure to follow the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty while using charges of weapons development to weaken its opponents;
  • Weaken our remaining human rights in the US by giving even more power to politicians and bureaucrats who use war and “national security concerns” as a cover to restrict dissent;
  • Start another protracted war just when the US is trying to get out of Iraq and Afghanistan;
  • Strain relations with China, India, and Russia among others;
  • Give millions more people reason to fear and hate the United States for its war-making and perhaps induce attacks upon Americans;
  • Accelerate acquisition of nuclear weapons as the only potent safeguard against being attacked.

Stop the war on Iran before it starts!

Keep our eyes open for false provocations by the US or Israel

Many Iranians are fighting for women’s rights and for democratic political and economic power. They are adamantly against US economic sanctions or military attacks on their country.

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