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Letter to Congressman Pascell

Dear Congressman Pascrell

I’m just writing you and sending you a copy of a video of a forum where you and I were two of the three main participants. At that forum you stated that your vote to authorize the war against Iraq was one which you deeply regretted and you wished you could take it back.

In the future and maybe even in the very near future, you may be asked to make another similar vote in regards to Iran. I am asking and pleading with you at this time not to make the same mistake twice. Don’t send young Americans to their deaths and have innocent civilians killed in a war based on bogus intelligence. Furthermore, as President of Veterans For Peace, Chapter 21, New Jersey, I’m also asking you not to vote for any further sanctions against Iran, a country which IS NOT BREAKING ANY INTERNATIONAL TREATIES and is in no way a threat to us. These sanctions are in effect, an act of war.

Thank you very much and peace

Ken Dalton
EN2, U.S.N. 1970-74
VFP 21, N.J.

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