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VFP Chapter 57, Vermont — Conferene Call With Rep. Peter Welch

Last Friday, we had a conference call with our 1st District Representative, Mr. Peter Welch — we only have one — during which we laid out our concerns about the escalating crisis with Iran and the potential for a war by miscalculation, mistake or accident. In addition we also called on him to block any war making action by the House of Representatives. Mr. Welch's response were pretty much a "rope-a-dope," ...

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Open Letter to Our Vermont Congressional Delegation

Below is the "Open Letter" that was sent to our congressional delegation as well as several newspapers in Burlington, VT and Montpelier, VT. Our Chapter President, Adrienne Kinne, is currently lining up a date/time to meet with Congressman Welch.   Andy Schoerke ...

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